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transferring SMS/draft SMS from Nokia C5

 I have stored several SMS sent and received and draft SMS on my nokia c5. These are all important and need to be preserved alongwith the dates on which they were received/created.

I am now taking a new smartphone samsung z4.

how can i transfer the sms messages/drafts to either the new smartphone or store somewhere else e.g. on my PC.

kindly advise step wise procedure. thanks


Hi user1507278950162,

Thanks for your question. Please be aware that this forum is operated by HMD Global and only covers Nokia branded phones manufactured by HMD. For a full list of phones covered on this forum check out the Nokia phones website: https://www.nokia.com/en_int/phones/all-phones 

For information and troubleshooting on previous Nokia phones, you can visit B2X and search for your model. 

Hope this helps, have a great weekend!
Anna (Moderator) 

Tech Wizard

Use Nokia Suite Software 3.8.54 on your PC and Sync your phone contacts, messages.
Later you can export the messages as CSV format

Tech Wizard

Use Nokia Suite on PC to Sync Contacts and Messages. Later you can export the messages as CSV Format.

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