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Update camera app

Please give some stable update to fix the camera issue the autofocusing and tap to focus is too slow..macro shots are not clear..

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I really like Nokia 8 but the camera app. The big issue of the camera app is auto-focusing. When I take a photo and touch the screen to focus a object. When I am waiting the right moment, the camera app will re-focus on center of screen. It dose not make sense. About recording a video. Please see the follow video  . You can easily notice auto-focusing problem while taking videos is jumping around too much. And OZO recording, there is no recording app for recording audio, only can apply in recording a video. What a pity . Please tell me you guys already try to solve this kind of problem. And I will wait the new firmware coming. And sorry for my pool English.

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Nokia 5 android oreo.
this camera app make me shame! not user friendly, re focus to center bug.
please look back what Lumia camera app have!
thank you Nokia!

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