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Nokia sucks

I've used so many smartphones in my life , but never faced a problem like this , the battery drains so fast that now I'm phobiatic to take this device out with me !! Also it gets so hot while charging and longer use , the Nokia people wanted to give us a clean UI and everything but in doing so they've made the phone so empty that it feels washed out and empty no option for notification while the phone is in sleep , no battery percentage sign ,no gesture option except for just 1 !! Like really ?! The conclusion is after this I'm never ever buying a Nokia phone if also they bring out newer and improved models !! Cause now I know only the Name is same (Nokia) rest has all changed !!! It sucks

i dont know what you do, on normal use, my batt keeps more than one day. I already got 3 days batt, while not using it. It was ckear, the 6 gets no LED, my seller told it explicitly, and i dont miss it. The battery percentage is easy to get: slide down the notification bar, press the settings button for a few seconds. You get a message, that System UI Tuner is now there. Go to settings, drive down to the end, open system ui tuner and set batt percentage as you wish. Ok, they shouldnt hide it...
Notifications will work if you allow them in Doze. Goto to Settings, Battery and choose the 3 dot menu. In accu optimization, choose all apps. click on those, you wish to get notifications and click "not optimized". After that, get your notifications.
My phone does not have all the problems you mentioned. Maybe you should give it a few week of usage and give time for android doze feature to optimize the apps installed.
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