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Equilizer bug

There is no equilizer support in Nokia 5... When would thisnbug would solve...??

Quoting from Nasri96 (Thanks!), which worked for me: "Go to settings. Then Apps. Then show system apps.. search for MusicFX. Click storage then Clear cache and clear Data."
Friend now also same problem... Wt will i do.... I get no. Dolby sound option in sound
Hi, like I quoted above which worked for me: 1. Go to Settings 2. Select Apps 3. Select the 3-dots on the upper right, then select Show System 4. Find and select the MusicFX app on the list 5. Then select Storage 6. Then select Clear Cache, then Clear Data 7. Now, go back to Google Play and select Equalizer settings, and it may be already available to do your adjustment settings. 8. I hope that helps, if not, research further on forums, I guess...
*I mean Google Play Music app on step 7 above^
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