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Headphone jack

Nokia. Please. Whatever happen please dont remove the headphone jack. Please. We dont like the 3.5mm headphone jack replace with somekind of other technology like the usb c port. Please.

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 Oh, you charmer, madbilly! :)

Beijendorf have you heard of Samsung? You know, they're among the best selling and easily takes place a top flagship each year. And S8 and the newer S9 even has a headphone. Slim hardly no bezel making it almost all screen phone with full water proofing. More waterproof than the Sirroco. More better screen, more better camera especially in low light. So don't don't even start with this nonsense. I'm gutted that I can't buy the new Nokia flagship because their stupid decision to remove the Jack. I've got the original Nokia 8, but sadly, my next phone will have the 7 plus. What I get after that, probs won't be Nokia. Unless they fix up and bring back the Jack..

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Bluetooth? It is not something big its not an excuse to remove the jack. Thickness? Who needs 3 mm phones if you can't see the evening with 1 charge Full display? Oh yeah find a new way to hold the phone and we don't need a speaker too right. Just accept it, the only reason for removing the jack is because of that stupid apple trend. Wireless headphones are far inferior from the wired ones in terms of audio quality and they way expensive than them too.

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$50 Bluetooth headphones? Good audio? You clearly don't have a good ear. They are the worst(not if you are listening 64 kbps music) My $10 HTC headphone has better audio quality than $200 beats wireless headphones, i tested it. I'm even using them as dts headphones with my laptop (thankfully it has a 5+1-7+1 audio card built-in.) smartphones can have this feature too LG puts it in, I'm admiring them you are not paying $800 just for some stupid things.

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USB type-C actually is not a solution for earphones/headphone with wire, because the manufacturers has not a standard.

Remember, the earphones/headphones USB type-c are not compatible with all smartphones with USB type-c.

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I love headphone jack more.. because it is easy to find in my country. Usb type c as alternative for headphone jack is good inovation. But silly u can't charge it while listen to the music using headphone or earphone. Usb type c is not standardize yet... Sorry and correct me if i'm wrong. I appreciate others opinions..

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