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Nokia 6 Camera sucks. Nokia really got third class or low quality cameras.

    The pictures are too much dull dark. The color contrast is really bad. I seriously doubt that the phones camera really matches the pixel number 16 and 8. The front camera picture are total crap.

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try Google Camera 4.4 from XDA Developers its the problem of Default Camera app not the camera of phone. I used it found difference using it

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I have been using nokia lumia phones since windows days. Even there the camera used to suck.

There is some post processing going on which simpally distorts the images..

THe same images look very nice and realistic in real time while capturing... but after they are saved they become washedup and dull.. very dull..

I was planning to buy new nokia 7 plus or 6 2018 model, but again reading about same problems.. better I dont.

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