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Do not disturb function

Hello, seems the Do Not Disturb feature by Nokia is not as I'm used to. I can mark the contacts from whom I want to receive messages and calls by the started function. But it isn't perfect that do not disturb doesn't have own sound settings. Like a beep for calls, only vibrate for more. Priority apps I need to check once more. But how is it possible that e.g. Facebook like sound gets through? Also incoming emails make the normal message sound. Looks useless for me in that case. I checked there might be apps doing that but I have been used about that as inbuilt function. To leave something positive, scheduled do not disturb times and one time activation for limited time I didn't have before and pretty happy about that. Cheers, VoLe

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I have similar problems, I have enabled all callers in priority mode, I use this when I listen to music. I don't get any notifications other than phone calls. This is broken after Oreo update, when someone calls the phone does not sound the ringtone. I am able to see the phone so and answer the call. I have observed that I cannot change notification vol in end, it's grayed out
Ok solved, the toggle in the quick settings is different in Oreo, it has a drop down where it was set for 'alarms only', after changing it to 'priority only' it is working good.
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