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Low music quality 

Hello. I'm listening songs in Nokia 5 through headphones. It's very low quality sound. I'm using iPhone original headphones but very low. Otherwise iPhone headphones have nice music in any phone. Suggestions plz

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I am using Nokia 5 for listening music, before I had Moto E3 power. Moto has very high quality products. For listening music it's very good. And I am completely unsatisfied with Nokia 5. I even tuned equilizer for quality but it's not satisfied.
Not sure I get it. What is your problem? Sound is muffled, too much bass too much treble? Too little? Music sounds perfectly fine to me, to be honest.

to be honest : I tried same music file on moto e3 power, mi 4 and nokia 5 simultaneously, I observed that moto gives theater like sound effect with different headphone and their respective headphones too.

I tried OEM headphone and moto headphone for listening same audio file on NOKIA 5, I observed very poor quality.

as I earlier said I even tuned equalizer for betterment but its helpless.

you have bass boost and virtualizer, you might want to try those:


ht want


Try these

How can I reach this page? Nokia 5
It's on the settings of the music player, audio or equalizer settings
if I do not know why Nokia has had the silly idea of ​​not increasing 100% of the headphone output (and Bluetooth as well) and yes, I try the same audio on a Moto G1, Moto E4, Moto G4 and Nokia 3, and really the audio outputs of these Nokia are terrible, I had the Nokia 3 before, but I thought the low power was due to the MediaTek processor, I bought the Nokia 5 and found the same problem, then the truth is that if Nokia does not improve the quality of the device audio and ram management, I will never buy another Nokia in life, a pity, but I'm someone who enjoys music, I think if it does not improve in future updates, buy a better Lenovo :)

Get an external usb dac and bypass the internal one completely.  You will notice a marked difference.  This one is good value and excellent IMHO

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