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Hanging And Lacking issue

About four days ago,I bought a Nokia 5 but its too much slow. It gives many error during uses :-

1. Apps not responding. :- Major 

2. Apps automatically closed. :- Major

3. Background app opens as a fresh, even without cleaning from recent apps. :- Major 

4. When going to attach a image in whatsapp, its freezes for sometime. :- Major 

5. Photos takes a second bit more time to clear visible. :- Minor 

6. Lock opens little bit slow :- minor

7. When some one calls, screen light on little bit slow  :- Major 

8. It has a average free ram only 256MB only out of 2GB. I think that the main reason to hanging and lacking.

In my cell phone , I have free internal memory 6GB. Whats happen when it will only 1GB.

I have installed only the following apps from my side :- 1. My Airtel , 2. One drive 3. PhonePe 4. Tez 5. Opera Mini 6. Facebook 7. Messenger 8. NDTV news 9. MS Excel  10. MS Word 11. MS Power Point. 12 Whatsapp

Good In its Latest Stock android & build quality.

Comparing Phone :- I have used Moto C Plus which also comes with same configuration and just half in Price of Nokia 5.In RAM and ROM configuration 

Stock android and free RAM 0.89GB approx out of 2GB. Its does not hangs and Lacks.

Whats the reason behind it.

Really I disappointed to buy it.

Please help if it possible. 

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This phone in UNUSABLE! :\

I'm tempted to make a factory reset... but i don't think it will make a difference :\

Yesterday i waited 1 MINUTE to make a call... yes, it took THAT long for me to access the phonebook and DIAL someone!

Sometimes i have to reboot it to make it usable again...

Have you resolved any of those issues?

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