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To be the new Nexus, need better openness, like Sony.

Community Hero

Dear HMD team,

I know that you've been receiving lots of requests for an unlockable bootloader, and you've given some answers about this.

However, I think the question is wider than just bootloaders. It is often said in the recent articles that Nokia wants its phones to be the spiritual successors to the Nexus range. To do this needs three things:

1. Pure Android

2. Unlockable bootloaders

3. Platform openness

1 you've got, 2 you're working on. 3 is much harder, but I hope you do it.

A great example of platform openness is from your long-time rivals Sony (remember when you were all friends running different versions of Symbian?). Sony have a great programme for providing the software that runs on their phones and providing easy instructions for unlocking the bootloader. HMD really need to work on doing the same for Nokia smartphones.

Then you can move onto step 4. Doing better than either Google or Sony have ever done. I think you can do it.

Cheers :)

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