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Hi HMD team,

I think the community site is coming along really well.

Two suggestions:
1) I feel like there are many announcements by HMD, either by press release or directly by execs on twitter etc, which are not announced here in the community section. It might be an idea to include all these announcements in the news section, you would reach more people and get feedback here on the site instead of having to scour the web for it.

2) Are there RSS feeds for the forum/sub-forums and topics available? Lots of forum software provides this and it's a useful way for enthusiastic people to keep an eye out for new topics they might find interesting, instead of having to keep refreshing the forum pages directly.

Cheers :)


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Hi madbilly!

Glad to hear you are happy with the site and thank you for your excellent feedback and ideas. 

We're looking into the possibility of adding some social media feeds and perhaps even some RSS elements to the community in the future - so watch this space.

Have a wonderful day!
Anna (Moderator)

Community Hero

Hi Anna, Laura, Mike,

Is it possible to follow the forums by RSS yet? I can't work out the links, if they exist. Also we're not getting the product annoucements and news in the forum yet, is that still planned?

Thanks :)

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