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Nokia 5 dropping bluetooth car kit connection repeatedly

I had a Nokia 3 that worked perfectly with my car kit, no problems at all over a period of a couple of months.  I replaced it with a Nokia 5, which paired and connected perfectly and initially worked, but subsequently kept dropping the bluetooth connection during calls.  The call itself never dropped and I could reconnect to the car kit (via the car, nothing needed to be done on the phone) and continue the conversation.  I returned to the shop where I had bought it and they suggested the bluetooth could be faulty and replaced the phone (it was only 3 days old).  However, the new one does exactly the same, so I now assume it is software-related.

Does anyone else have similar problems, or any kind of fix?

I do have this problem as well! I often need to re-pair my phone to get it to work properly.

I have exactly the same problem with my Nokia 5 as reported by Sue. I have no issues with Nokia Lumia 730, Samsung Note 3 and iPhone 7 in my car (Mercedes W212)

 My car (a Jaguar XE) has now been in to the dealer and has the latest Jaguar software, but is still doing exactly the same.  Nokia - please can we have a response as to when this will be fixed.

I have also problems with Bluetooth during the connection. I have a Mazda. I have the new Android 8 on the Nokia 5. Pleased Nokia solve this Problem.

 Happy to report that since I upgraded to 8.0.0 (Oreo) this problem has disappeared entirely.

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I have a slight issue with the usage. I can connect to my car's bluetooth, but I have to chose the way I want to communicate after I made the call through my cars bluetooth system. (Phone, Bluetooth or Speakers) I thought that if I am connected through bluetooth and the call goes through I wouldn't have to chose the way my phone handles the voice/sound communication. Makes the whole idea of bluetooth connection sort of useless if I still have to look on my phone and chose bluetooth while driving! It should be set automatically on bluetooth if I'm already connected to it... shouldn't it?

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