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Volume Issue

Can any one tell me, how to manage pocket volume in new nokia 6 device. As per my observation, when device is in my pocket then ring volume automatically high to 100% and after picking the same call volume doesn't reduce again to its real applied level. So it gets changed automatically into 100%.

Anyone noticed this functionality or this is a bug in device? Please share you feedback here.

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Tech Wizard

I wonder if you may have have adjusted the setting regarding this?

Open the dialer > tap the vertical ellipsis top right > Settings > Calling accounts > tap the SIM name at the top = is 'Increase volume when in pocket' checked?

The ringer volume should adjust itself back down when not in the pocket with this setting enabled, but 'bugs' happen ...


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Thanks Hans... It works for me. I was not aware from this setting. Once again thanks for you reply.

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For now, I have resolved own problem as i don't want to increase volume in pocket. But As per this funcatinality, I assume that this is a bug while this mode is enabled and volume doesn't put back to their selected level after receiving or picking the call in zame nokia 6 device.
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