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Disappoint about phone

I bought nokia5 yesterday... there is no gallery founf where i can get all photo, video, gis etc. There is no single place to get. In music section no equaliser found. How nokia develop the phone? I can't expect with nokia.. No one replying in chat box too.

Is so pure, search in the store 

Photo app-the one with the paper windmill icon. Music-Google Play Music Only. Equaliser ? Try out some play store apps everything is there.

Tech Wizard

Hi user1507953381209,

1) Check 'Photos' application in app drawer which is installed on your phone by default. Or search for a new one on Play store.
2) Equalizer was displaying as blank on my phone as well. Try the below, it worked for me.
1. Go to Settings

2. Select Apps

3. Select the 3-dots on the upper right, then select Show System

4. Find and select the MusicFX app on the list

5. Then select Storage

6. Then select Clear Cache, then Clear Data

7. Now, go back to Google Play Music and select Equalizer settings and enable, and it may be already available to do your adjustment settings.
(Thanks MAX, Nasir)

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