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OTA update with October security patch

When I order this mobile phone was announced as a device with "up to date". I read on many website about OTA update with October security patch was released few days ago. I still don't get it. I need to understand how you push OTA, what are the first region where you push and how long take to get in in East Europe. This is not faster as promised.

I haven't heard about a oktober update on Nokia 8. I got 2 September updates though. Also some sources claim Oreo is near. Might be so close on Nokia 8 that they rather wait for Oreo instead or rolling out a Nougat version so close to next update.
I am hoping that the delay is down to the fact that Oreo is about to be pushed out. Either way though updates are hard and should only be released when they are ready.
I got it, is still at Android 7.1.1 with October security patch. I got it after I use a USA VPN without sim cards inside.

Good to here that the October patch is out.  Honestly 16 days is no time at all for an update like this and HMD should be commended.  I'm sure the rest of us will get it soon.

Have anyone who updated with the small update that came around the fifth of October gotten the October update afterwards?

Today I got the October update.

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