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exchange old nokia phones

I have used nokia phones since 11 years. currenty i m using nokia lumia phones. my question is When Exchane offer available in India. I want exchage my old operating system to your new phones.

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I have also used Nokia phones and i was a huge fan of Lumia mobiles (lumia 710, Lumia 730). I am still using MS Lumia 650. I still feel that it is more user friendly than Android but now i do not have any other choice than switching to Android.

I am unsure what to do with these phones as they are unused. Not sure if there any possibility that HMD can look into exchanging the old phones (where the hardware is intact). I would really be interested in it.

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Tech Wizard

Pretty sure it won't happen.
I have kept my Symbian and Windows phone as standby / Backup phones....

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