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Linux USB driver

I would like to connect my Nokia 3 to my Linux computer via USB, to copy photos and such. From a first quick connect there doesn't seem to be a Linux USB driver. I expect there's most of what's required in the android core. Nice to be able to connect to windows or OSX. I will have another try but if its already possible I and thereare instructions, that would be handy too.

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Tech Wizard

When connected via a USB data cable to a Mate Desktop Linux, my Nokia 6 prompts whether to allow file transfer. The default is recharge only.

The USB options appear in a notification in the top menu on the phone.

I did not install additional drivers on the PC. Phone as modem via USB works too with the standard drivers in Linux (it mimics an Ethernet connection).


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Yes. This is what power users need. Also I guess it might be fair for me to share my other similar request here:
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