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NFC "Extended Length APDU" disabled by firmware


I just got my new Nokia 3 and despite all those people here complaining about performance, it feels really fast for me, once all the updates are installed.

However, when I tried to use it to authenticate online with my NFC-enabled German identity card ("nPA"), I got an error message that "NFC Extended Length APDU" is disabled by the phone firmware.

Is that a limitation by the hardware (does the chip really not support it) or is it only a misconfiguration of the firmware, which may be fixed in a future update?

Having an identity card is mandatory here in Germany (unless you have an international passport, which most Germans don't need if they do not travel outside Europe), and the NFC enabled identity card was introduced in November 2010 and will gradually replace the old non-NFC one over an interval of 10 years (so by end of 2020 everybody will have one).

So I think this is not some niche market for Nokia and therefore I am surprised that my Nokia 3 does not support it.



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