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I am not able setup or sync the contacts from other then gmail

Tech Wizard

Contacts can be sync'ed when the account is added as Exchange.
- IMAP and POP3 is mail only.

Does this help?


I have add the Hotmail account also still didn't have the option to select to sync it it ha only one option gamil

Tech Wizard

Did you add the Microsoft account as an Exchange account on the phone?

The instructions regarding server names are found on:

Tap 'Set up an or Office 365 account manually'

Or you may consider install some of the Microsoft apps from the Play store:

(The built-in Gmail and Calendar app on the phone can be deactivated).

Or the contacts can be exported from as .CSV from 'Manage' in the top bar at the website, and then imported to your Google account.


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Hello Hans,

This seems to work.

The trick is: if you choose exchange, you have to go for the manual config, else you end-up in IMAP ...

Thanks for your help!


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