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No sound in speakers

After the September update I have lost sound completely in the bottom speakers is it a problem of software or hardware Problem

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Yeah! Same Issue here!! Suddenly my bottom speaker stopped working!!

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I have the same problem. Last night, my phone worked normally. This morning I got up and the speakers on the phone no longer work. Not the ringing, nor when I want to talk to someone. The "Ring volume" menu is increased almost to the end but is in gray (disabled).

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Try the speaker test ....
Use the code given by the Nokia team , it might help u

How to start this speaker test? From where to find or download?

From where to find this code from Nokia team? Any link or more info?

Try *#*#372773#*#* these code ...
Same issue how to fix this

Dear All

Does only the speaker bottom is not working?

Thank you very much

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Suggestion 1:  Wipe cache partition by accessing your phone's Recovery Mode:

Suggestion 2:  Factory data reset:


Suggestion 3:  Contact your local Nokia Care Center for repair:

Jonny Phoenix
said 4 days ago



A rep had me Clear the cache of the Google Play Services and it worked. Instructions below.

Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Google Play services > Storage > CLEAR CACHE.


After that, do the same for...

Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > SETTINGS > Storage > CLEAR CACHE. 

Once you've done that, simultaneously hold the Power and Volume Up button for 10-15 seconds.

The phone DOES NOT hard reset and NO data is lost. 

Clearing the cache does not help me....

I had the same issue. Suddenly, no more sound on speaker. To get it back working I had to shutdown the phone completely and restart it. I had tried a Restart only but that did not fix the problem, only a Shutdown (power off) and power it back on make the speaker work again. 

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Same problem buttom speaker not working
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