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SMS problem

I can't understand why my Nokia 6 device is showing me that phone number formatted incorrectly whenever I send a message, and it doesn't deliver the message. Can I know why this happens and what is the solution.

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I'm having the same issue, it's frustrating!. 

I also have this problem. How to resolve that if there is more that 500 contacts with spaces in numbers?
Solution for this issue is that, you have to add the app to battery optimization as "Not to Optimise". And Soft reset your phone. Even Alarm app issue can do the same. I had same issue, I tried this on my Nokia 6, now it works fine for me.

Tech Wizard

In the Contacts app, open one of the troublesome contacts and select edit.

Please confirm the phone number is entered in one string, preferably in its complete, international format and without white-space, brackets or dashes.

For example +0112345678

Local phone numbers can be entered as 12345678 but I suggest add the + country code for all, to make it work when outside your home country too.

Apps may add white-space etc. according to local conventions, in order to make the phone number more human-readable when displaying it on the screen, but the mobile networks require proper formatting.

Does this help?


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