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Community competition for porting open-source OSes to HMD phones

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I have a fun idea inspired by the suggestion to port Sailfish to the new Nokias which would show HMD engaging with the community and promoting the new Nokia phones as the spiritual successors to the Google Nexus phones.

HMD/Nokia could seed a few projects to port other open-source OSes to the new Nokia phones.

HMD could even make it a bit like a competition, for example provide free phones to the first team to port one of the following OSes to an HMD/Nokia phones:

  • Sailfish
  • Firefox/B2G OS
  • Ubuntu Touch/UBPorts
  • Plasma Mobile (KDE)
  • LuneOS (webOS)
  • Replicant
  • Tizen (although this one may not be popular for old fans of Nokia!)

and just for fun since I think old Nokia fans may like this:

  • Nemo
  • QtMoko
  • Stable Hybrid Release.

Or, instead of it being a race, HMD could set a points system; each feature implemented would be worth some points, and the team that gets the most points (according to HMD judges) would win. All other teams would get Nokia goodie bags.

HMD could advertise the competition on (obvious place), set a deadline for entries. Entries would need to name the people in each team (max 10? 20?) and the OS that they were going to port.

It would probably be better to exclude OSes that are nothing more than "custom Android ROMs" like LineageOS. HMD could set requirements about which parts of the AOSP stack could be used and which couldn't.

I think this would be fun, and I'm sure you'd get loads of interest from the XDA community, lots of others too, and it would help promote your phones in those circles and also help HMD/Nokia learn more about what those people want, AND help find bugs with your software/hardware ;)

I hope this idea sparks a few of your own and inspires HMD and Nokia to think beyond the "pure Android" experience.

Cheers :)

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I should add that HMD would need to make the binary blobs for drivers etc AND their APIS available to the competitors under a suitable licence. I know this may be considered risky from an IP point of view, however these communities are quite capable of extracting the binary blobs anyway. The only thing they really lack is the APIs. If HMD don't want to provide the APIs then this will make the competition harder but not impossible.

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