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Nokia support chat not working?

Hello, please is Nokia support chat experiencing a down time? I have been trying to contact the support centre since yesterday but no luck! What's happening?!

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Hi Bluesky, thank you for reporting. Can you clarify what the specific issue is? 

Thank you,

Anna (Moderator) 

Hi Anna, There are several issues... I have complained severally to Nokia phone support but the issues persist.. I am very disappointed with the phone.. I totally wish I had followed my friend's advice not to buy it.. Wish I could return it!


Hi Bluesky! 

Sorry, I should have been clearer with my question. I was looking for specifics on your issue with the support chat itself. Are you not able to access the support page? Are you not able to start a chat? Are you not getting responses? 

This will help us identify the issue in regards to our customer support channel, and enable us to help you access the support you need. 

Many thanks,

Anna (Moderator) 

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Thank you, Anna. I can access the support page and start a chat but has been no response for more than 48hrs...


Hi Bluesky,

Thanks for clarifying. We've forwarded your feedback to customer support and they might get in touch with you via email soon.

Thanks for your patience,

Anna (Moderator) 

Hi this is Pavan, I was brought a new nokia mobile phone 2 months back, after using some days my phone got Flash Light Problem, so was given my phone in Pune Pimpri Service center at this month 5th, now also they are not returned my phone,Nokia customer support also failed to this Issue, daily i am calling to service center he said daily you need to wait some days. really I Don't know what is the use of Customer Support, they are said daily one word "sir your Issue is escalated" i was listen this word 15 days ago, to day also i was call to service center their phone is switched off, please suggest me how can i go to next level
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