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NFC issues

Is anybody else having problems with NFC? Basically I can really do anything with the NFC function. Android Pay sometimes works sometimes doesn't. Android Bean never worked. I also tried Read ID and after several tries managed to get something to read. Basically, the NFC antenna is bad. Question is, is anybody else having issues? If yes, then I'll probably return it for the full price and get a Pixel. I liked the Nokia, but a bad NFC antenna is unacceptable in a brand new phone at this price. It just shows that the QA is not there. I had live with such thinks on my Nexus 5, but then it was so easy and cheap to DIY fix that thing.

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i have same issue really sad now
I have the same nfc issue. Await nokia‘s reply for a week already. Quite disappointed, i will consider to trade in Samsung if they have no solution within this week

I'm having to turn NFC off , then back on again to get Android pay to work (I don't have to close Android pay). It;s really frustrating as it takes 2-3 times longer to make a payment as a result... surely this can be fixed.

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Since the Oreo update I can't initialize Bluetooth connections with NFC anymore. I tried two different devices and it didn't work with both of them.

I just bought my Nokia 8 earlier today. I did have a problem but moved my old Samsung S5 halfway down the Nokia 8 & it worked. It was back to back but that didn't pick the connection up. All fine after. Hope that helps.

Same here - I put the phone to the terminal, and phone reacts to this (vibrates and shows my card) but the terminal seems like it never received any data from the phone.

It's hit and miss with me. I often get a message saying to hold it nearer the reader (or something like that) but once that has happened the reader seems locked until the person in the shop cancels the transaction and puts it through again. I've tried putting a credit card on the reader in this situation and that doesn't work either - it's as if an attempt at communication has been made but then the reader is waiting for it to finish. So it could be a software problem. I doubt the system was designed to require the shop assistant to cancel the transaction if you weren't quite on target - surely you are just supposed to keep moving the device until it works?

Nokia should have documented this more better, (or put a symbol or something on the phone).

I've given mine a try the past few days, and as someone mentioned before, its at the top of the phone.

My advice would be to find and get use to the (very small) sweet spot, by using it to read any NFC card you may have.

Something like the NFC TagInfo app is a good one.

You will soon find the Nokia 8's NFC is fairly directional and is located at the top of the phone, and seems to like the target to be angled a bit.

It is certainly very fiddly compared to every other NFC phone I've used, but it is fairly consistant once you know where it is.

Also, for thos who don't know how to use paying apps, you need to open the app to pay (ie. cannot just tap the phone and assume itll work).

I figured out it would me a matter of finding out where exactly is NFC antenna. The same was the case in my previous phone (Nexus 6P) - once I read teardown article mentioning that NFC antenna is near the camera, most payments went without a problem.

I will try to find this sweet spot in Nokia 8 with a terminal in vending machine at work, so I won't annoy people in a queue like in normal shop.

After all those years of making smartphones with metal body, you would think that manufactures would figure out by now, that clearly stating to users where NFC antenna is located, would be really helpful.

Still having the same issues with the public release as the beta, to make an Android Pay payment I have to turn NFC off and on again, was hoping it was fixed in the public release, but it seems that's not the case. It's repeatable and should be readily fixed, I saw several people reported it in the feedback app, maybe a list of known issues and their progress would be helpful in the forums ?

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"Also, for thos who don't know how to use paying apps, you need to open the app to pay (ie. cannot just tap the phone and assume itll work)." Not true - on my Nexus 6P I used both Android Pay and my bank's app to pay without launching them (when they were set as default). Only unlocking the screen was required.

With help from people from other forums I figured out how to put the phone to the terminal for a payment to consistently go through - top frame (plastic/rubber part) should touch the terminal and phone should be at about 45 degrees angle to the terminal's display. So far this works well for me.

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Just to chime inm, I am having issues with the NFC as well.

Twicw now I have been in the shops using android pay and it has failed, the last time I had to have the assistant retry 4 times on 2 different tills.

I have also tested with passive NFC tags, and its very hit or miss, I also use a yubikey NFC to authenticate to lastpass, and this took me nearly 2 hours of trying the other day to sign into my account.

I have scoured the internet looking for the location of the NFC antenne but i cant find anything, Nokia if you are reading this please can you publish a document or addendum to the manual with the location of the NFC antenna, and if necessary (assuming its not a design/hardware issue) inprove the NFC, either via software or increasing the gain on the antenna.

I downloaded a passport reading app. It seems to need the front facing camera to be in the middle of the wire loops to work.
So can someone answer whether the NFC chip near the rear cameras , or the front facing camera?
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