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NFC issues

Is anybody else having problems with NFC? Basically I can really do anything with the NFC function. Android Pay sometimes works sometimes doesn't. Android Bean never worked. I also tried Read ID and after several tries managed to get something to read. Basically, the NFC antenna is bad. Question is, is anybody else having issues? If yes, then I'll probably return it for the full price and get a Pixel. I liked the Nokia, but a bad NFC antenna is unacceptable in a brand new phone at this price. It just shows that the QA is not there. I had live with such thinks on my Nexus 5, but then it was so easy and cheap to DIY fix that thing.

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I try to hit airplane button twice just now and the NFC work too.So I think it maybe a software issue.

After some testing today I can confirm that NFC works better if you don't unlock the phone with fingerprints. I used to restart NFC to get it to work now it seems I only need to lock the phone and don't unlock it with fingerprint. Must be a software bug, please fix.

I have difficulty to read passive NFC card by my Nokia 8. I tried to read my Octopus (contactless stored value smart card use in Hong Kong) with it's official app but 1-2 successful read after tried for long time. It's seem that the phone can detect my card but no able to complete the progress. I tried to read the same card using same app on my old Nexus 5 and always success to read the card.

I also tried to read my Sucia (which use in Japan), sadly, this time I had 0 success after tried for not less than 15 minutes.

I still don't have time to try Android pay.

For me, Android Pay and other banks apps now works correct. You have to restart NFC (switching off and then turning on). The position how you put the phone over the card or NFC is the key for working. NFC sweet spot is on the top of the phone (if you see the phone in lighted area you will notice that there is a rubber area). Put you phone touching the card or the NFC point with this area. The angle formed between mobile and phone has to be over 30 degrees. For me it was the key. Now it always works perfect. I link an image that a partner share with me in XDA with the correct way for works with NFC (remember reset NFC connection!)!Asos2XZUuAPZnLFT9tSr5W3Xuxp-cg

Just tested Android Pay today and it work properly (expect I need to  switching NFC off and then turning on). For NFC card, I still can read them properly.

My NFC works very rarely. I Donot know what is the problem. Is it something about the software or the hardware??!!!

I can also confirm that with Android 8.0 Oreo you need to switch off NFC and switch it on again (if the phone has gone into sleep since you last used NFC).

The NFC antenna needs to be small to fit the nonmetallic area around the back camera. This makes the alignment with NFC a bit tricky but it is still a useful function. However, I miss the possibility to turn NFC on and off in the top activity field.

It would be nice if someone from Nokia/HMD could confirm that they register software bugs reported here so they can fix them in a future software upgrade.

From what I've read Google in their wisdom took the NFC tile out of the pull down menu "for security". You can get 3rd party apps to add more tiles to the top but it's annoying. I think the NFC issues are software as it seems to work fine most of the time once you know the trick of turning it on/off and then turning on screen. As well as knowing how to hold it Would be nice if they had a bug report section in the Support App instead of contacting customer support as they are worse than useless in general

I've noticed some odd behaviour with NFC on Oreo when trying to use Android Pay. I've managed to use it alright with Nougat though I've only used Android Pay a handful of times.

So, I've been playing about with NFC a bit and have confirmed the following behaviour on two phones:-


- Updated to Android Oreo (8.0.0), security patch level 1 December 2017

- Start with NFC turned on

- Fingerprint lock configured with PIN

- Behaviour observed with glance either on or off

- Testing on an NFC enabled card with "NFC Reader" by Adam Nyback, downloading from Google Playstore

NFC does not work

- Start with screen on

- Lock phone with power button

- Screen should either display glance or be turned off

- Unlock with fingerprint reader

- Attempt to read NFC tag, NFC will not work

NFC does work

- Start with screen on

- Lock phone with power button

- Screen should either display glance or be turned off

- Wake screen with power button or double tap on screen (if gesture is configured)

- Unlock with fingerprint reader

- Attempt to read NFC tag, NFC will work

Note the additional step of waking the phone before unlocking seems to be the key. Once the phone has been unlocked in this way the NFC reader has worked consistently for me (tried 30 - 40 times over a short period of time before I got bored).

If anyone else could confirm this on their handset then maybe a moderator could forward this as a bug report.

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I can verify the above. I'm able to test with an iPhone, as every Android with Android Pay set up will light up an iPhone and open up Wallet if it is pressed next to it with the Android device unlocked. This has been true of every single other Android device I have used since I adopted Android Pay. From a purely unlocked Nokia 8, if I press it against a locked iPhone, the iPhone screen stays off. On other Androids I would see the Wallet screen at this point. If I lock the Nokia 8, hold it back to back with the iPhone and unlock the device with my fingerprint, again the iPhone does nothing. If I lock the Nokia 8, hold it back to back with the iPhone, tap the power button and THEN use the fingerprint scanner, Wallet opens up on the iPhone. If I lock the Nokia 8, hold it back to back with the iPhone, double tap to wake and THEN use the fingerprint scanner, Wallet opens up on the iPhone. So there is definitely a software bug and there is no issue with the strength of placement of the NFC, nor any need to hold the phone in a particularly quirky manner. At least I now know what I need to do to make it work every time.

user1515274512611, you're a genius! That trick of waking the screen and only then fingerprint unlocking works! Not being able to reliably use Android Pay has been frustrating me for months since I got the Nokia 8. This isn't the perfect solution (i.e. Nokia really need to fix this properly), but it's still a workable stop-gap.

I feel like something as specific as the method you found really should help Nokia find the problem... Fingers crossed.

NFC works again in Oreo 8.1 Beta. I can finally read my Octopus Cards my balance.

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 Great news jeff, i'll try it out asap!

A big thanks to everyone who posted about finding NFC at top of phone- I now have no problems using android pay

 Anyone using SEQR with 8.1 beta?

After installing the 8.1 beta Tap&Pay in SEQR that uses NFC become useless.

Is Android Pay working with 8.1 beta? (unfortunately not available in Sweden)

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