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NFC issues

Is anybody else having problems with NFC? Basically I can really do anything with the NFC function. Android Pay sometimes works sometimes doesn't. Android Bean never worked. I also tried Read ID and after several tries managed to get something to read. Basically, the NFC antenna is bad. Question is, is anybody else having issues? If yes, then I'll probably return it for the full price and get a Pixel. I liked the Nokia, but a bad NFC antenna is unacceptable in a brand new phone at this price. It just shows that the QA is not there. I had live with such thinks on my Nexus 5, but then it was so easy and cheap to DIY fix that thing.

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I have the same problem

I took the Nokia 8 back for a refund and ended up with a Pixel 2. It just works flawlessly 

NFC never worked for me, always get an error. 

Mine works now (or it always did). For me it has been a matter of knowing where the antenna is located to avoid moving the phone around. And a little bit of patient as it only reacts when is finish reading.


I suspected that this may have been a design fault imbibing the aluminium body which is why I decided to change the phone. By comparison, Google put the NFC antenna behind the glass at the top of the phone to avoid interference. It is really frustrating to be standing in a que to pay and then delaying everybody else because the thing if not reading properly.

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I also had problems with NFC in the beginning. Then I noticed that the NFC chip seems to be at the top of the phone. When I put the top of the phone to the card reader, the NFC payment goes through immediately.

I do have problems when reading NFC-enabled local bus cards. It takes many tries before the phone reads the card. Perhaps the solution is that it takes some time to read the card, and I should keep the phone still for a few seconds before moving it around on the card

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I also want to know where is NFC area. There is no introduction in user guide.

I'm glad I came on to these forums as I take some comfort in the fact that I'm not alone on this one.  Had my Nokia 8 for just over a month now and today at the checkout Android Pay was a no go.  I tested it against another NFC enabled phone, my old Xperia Z3 and Android Beam was a hit or a miss.  The old Z3 works flawless every time, perhaps the glass body helps?  I'm past the return period or this phone would be going back for a refund.  £500 for a phone that can't be used as intended is a real let down.  Any word from Nokia on this, let me guess no of course not.

I am also sad about the NFC on Nokia 8. It's never works on me. Will Nokia be noticed about this issue and provide us possible solutions ?

I don't have any issues with NFC, it is working perfectly for me. 

Please note, the NFC chip is on the very top of the phone, so when using NFC, put the phone to the NFC item with the top touching, also at an angle of about 45 degrees. That works for me

I too have trouble with the NFC. After I realised the sensor is around the camera(weird) it started recognising tags but it works way slower than my former samsung phone and it still reads incomplete data and sometimes it doesn't write complete blocks. It's very frustrating considering this works perfectly on rivals or even cheaper phones.

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Ok, I have been doing some tests, as user1509775847474 says, the sensor is around the camera or under it. I have realised that when I deactivate the nfc in the settings and activate it again, it works.

I've never actually been able to use NFC payments on my Nokia 5, and I even had the phone exchanged once. Nokia just tells me to speak with the "app developers" (are you serious?), even though I've told them it is working for other people... I'm past the 30 days now so I'm stuck with this phone with a defective NFC chip :(

I have noticed it does not work well, today I was in M&S and could not get it to work I only had 2g so was wondering if you needed 3/4g or wifi to get it to work? Also failed to work at McDonald's.  Do you need to tap it on the reader to get it to work? I keep hitting the phone off the reader thinking it needs a tap to activate.

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