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Format as internal storage is missing in nokia 8

There is no option to use sd card as internal storage in nokia 8..but same thing is available in nokia 6,5,3.. Why?

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I am also wondering that is the reason for that?

64GB is not that big as many people think... and I also bought a Sandisk Extreme Pro... which is more than fast for handling the apps...

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Next point that make me disappointing, android was castrated, why?

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Even though the memory card is speced for rather high speed the actual speed on the external memory seems rather crippled on many phones. Try some benchmarks and see how big difference it can be.

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Nokia 8 is now on Oreo 8.1 , and still no option to format the SDCARD as internal memory ... 

HMD/Nokia, can you please comment on this one ?

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Why are so desperate for more than 64GB for just for apps?

Why are toujours asking ? The feature exists, we are "a few" willing to use it.

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Why you would want the option to slow your phone down is beyond me but hey its your choice, whenever i have used it in the past it always resulted in either a dead SD Card or the phone slowing down. Thankfully my 64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro survived the ideal to live another day.

Whichever way you sugar coat it the speed of an SD Card it is nowhere near as fast or as resilient as the flash storage in the phone itself.

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