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Nokia 9, don't be another follower

When you launch the Nokia 9 in the USA, don't assume that we all want what other manufactures are producing. If you want to stand out from the crowd, continue to do what you have been doing and give us a high end flagship phone with removable storage, a metal back (not glass), KEEP the 3.5 headphone jack, and pure Android. Only change would be a larger screen on a one handed sized phone.

We don't want a stupid Dongle adapter that is easily broken or lost. We don't want a phone that will break the first time its dropped, or to have to cover a great looking phone with an ugly protective case.

If all of the USA wanted phones that only give us forced limitations, then we would have already bought one of the existing phones from Samsung, Google, Apple, HTC, Motorola, LG, etc.

Don't play "follow the leader", and be the leader and give us a phone with NO compromises instead. We don't need another Samsung Galaxy S8 copycat phone with a glass back and no 3.5 phone jack.

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I don't live in the USA but I totally agree. No thank you glass backs. Yes please removable storage and 3.5mm headset socket (universal, as mentioned in other product feature idea posts).

I lost track of the amazing number of phones that my friends broke, yet my Nokias continued to work fine no matter ow much I dropped them. I hope HMD continue this.

I've said elsewhere I'm not such a fan of pure Android, but I have faith that Nokia are working on some exclusive optional software that owners can choose to download from the store.

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The 3.5 mm port will be going away regardless of what the minority wants. Removing it ensures cheaper and more reliable waterproofing, easier internal design, sleeker phones, etc. The USB-C can replace the function of the 3.5 mm port as soon as we start getting some proper USB-C headphones instead.

I instead hope they ensure all their equipment is truly universal, instead of going silly with proprietary solutions like HTC, Motorola and Apple.

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I don't have a computer with a USB-C port, I haven't even seen one at work yet.

I too hope that they make sure everything is universal. Unfortunately universal doesn't mean the same everywhere - different 4 wire headset connector standards in North America and Europe is one example.

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I'm still using Nokia's latest flagship from years back. the Lumia 1520 running windows 10. This is still a perfect phone, but since Microsoft decided to stop improving W10 mobile, I'm sort of forced to go for a new phone and the Nokia 9 looks like an excellent alternative. I must admit, I'm a Nokia fan......

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Perfect except for the the crippled glance screen - not as good as in earlier Lumias.

A return of a true RGB pixel screen like in the 1520 would be great in a future NokiAndroid flagship.

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