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Don't stop doing real Dual-SIMs


I'd like to say that I really value the fact that each of Nokia dual-sim phone is a real Dual-SIM, i.e. has two slots for SIM cards and separate one for memory card. Please don't even think about making optional dual-SIMs!

I've never seen anyone who said that he's glad not having ability to use two SIMs and memory card at the same time.

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Unfortunately the Nokia 8 has a hybrid SIM/microSD card slot, so it's already not a real dual-SIM phone like you suggest.

I fully agree with your request for 3 slots - two SIMs and one microSD card.

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 I note the Nokia 2 has proper dual SIM, not hybrid,

One of the reason I picked Nokia 5 but not Nokia 6 was it has dual sim slot and a dedicated SD card slot last year. Please HMD Global! we need dedicated SD card slot for upgrading memory. 

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I'm not sure why HMD and other smartphone manufacturers continue to think that dual-SIM is not wanted on flagship phones. I love tech, want the latest and greatest, but I have a life in two countries in Europe, so I have two SIMs. I don't want to carry around two phones, I want to carry only one phone, so I need a flagship phone with dual SIM.

AND an SD card slot. Come on HMD, I'm looking forward to the Nokia 9 being my "wishlist" phone :D

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I think it's HMD Global's wrong decision having hybrid sim slot on Nokia's 2018 smartphones.

There is no dedicated SD card slot, no 128GB variant for either of the Nokia 7 plus or New Nokia 6. 

How we extend our storage with dual sim on these smartphones if we buy? 


Disappointing! already waited for a better smartphone ideally i'm looking for after bought Nokia 5. But now there is no choice other than waiting for months/year for a mid-range Nokia phone with dedicated SD card slot.

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I hope the upcoming Nokia smartphones will have 3 dedicated slots for both sim cards and sd card.

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