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Japanese PLMN issues

 I'm using Nokia 8 in Japan.

Japan have 3 mobile carriers, but Nokia 8 supported only one carrier.

That one PLMN is 44010( docomo).

Other 2 carriers 44000(Ymobile) and 44020(softbank) don't support Nokia8.

I bought Nokia8 use for Ymobile and softbank, but I can't connect those carriers :(

Can this issues fixable?

Many Japanese Nokia8 user worried about that.

Other country have same issues?

I want to know this issues only Japan carriers.

If this issues fixable, please fix quickly next OTA or OREO update.

Sorry for my broken English.

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Hi user1508446643122,

Many thanks for your valuable feedback. Since HMD don’t have any operations in Japan currently it is unfortunately very difficult for us to investigate this issue. Our recommendation would be to refer this matter to Softbank and Ymobile customer support centres in Japan.

Have a wonderful day!
Anna (Moderator) 

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