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Yesterday diwali I have taken photos and videos after lighting crackers..... My family sit together to play media in Bravia but i don't found MIRACAST option and also CAST option also don't work.... Finally I transfer them into my pen drive and play in my 60 inches Bravia ....I really get frustrated because when I view photos in nokia device it's good but when I see them in big screen very upset low quality and also I tried to play videos in TV but Bravia TV not playing them .... The video format file is mp4 but not playing in TV.... Dear Nokia please seriously work on camera and also finger print taking 2 seconds to open... Hope you listen and make our faith real


Hi user1508298690321,

Sorry to hear you were disappointed when you were trying to view your Diwali photos with your family. Unfortunately Nokia 8 does not support Miracast (Chromecast is supported, however). 

Thanks for your valuable feedback, we will forward it to the relevant team.  

Have a lovely day,

Anna (Moderator) 

Nokia 8 hardware excellent but software bugs... especially if work on that definitely it's the best
When will we get to see official android Oreo update, and please fix this miracast massacre.
Sorry to hear you've had problems with miracast, I too noticed this when I got my Nokia 8. I found that this isn't something Nokia have dropped from their phones, this is something Google dropped as of Android 5 Lollipop in favour of their Chromecast. To the best of my knowledge the code for this wasn't actually removed from android at this time and with some devices it is possible to enable it again with a switch in the build.prop configuration file which is loaded when the device starts up. Here is how but you need root to do this: All you have to do is root and then edit the build.prop and add the line: persist.debug.wfd.enable = 1 The above assumes that the miracast code is still present in android Oreo. Perhaps someone at Nokia can try this and see if it brings it back.
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