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No updates in UK

October update for Nokia 3 is all over the internet but still no September update in UK .. come on HMD Nokia... Why?? Has anyone in UK with UK version of Nokia 3 TA1020 had the update??

@DD47: Just a guess, according to my experience with TA-1020 in Germany. HMD's implementation of the software update process was wrong in Android 7.0 and pre-September updates. Removing SIM card, factory reset etc. was the only method that worked for me to receive Android 7.1.1 with September update. After that, October update was available automatically (yesterday), and I hope that further updates will be available also, without any problems. The factory reset is really annoying, but it was the only option for me to get September update. As I said, just my guess - do it at your own risk!

@bernd thanks for putting your experience in my new post.. I'm trying to determine the experience of other UK users before I try a reset.. Nobody from UK seem to be on this Nokia 3 community Please comment UK users...
UK update finally arrived today.. Not sure if my sabre rattling on Twitter helped get this done.. disappointing that Nokia/HMD don't communicate.. for a communication company that's pretty bad don't you think?? Anyway update size 727.2MB includes October security update and 7.1.1
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