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Black Screen Problem and October Update.

Is The New October update for nokia 3 helped overriding hanging with black screen problem that appeared after Android 7.1.1 Update?

For Those who updated to the new october patch please respond.

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update put, but the problem of the black screen remained

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so we should condition with this blackscreen

i bought aphone that faints more than it works

it needs ICU or i Should thru it

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Blank screen still remains very disappointing.

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This problem is very disappointing ..everytime u keep the phone in someplace..the phone is either dead r black screen occurs..I got it repaired yesterday and today I faced the same problem...need solutions..

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My Nokia 3 've also the same consultancy via email from Nokia technical support and followed all steps provided,recently got updated but the problems remain the should have to do right with these phenomena.

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No the problem persistant
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