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A sound recording app that utilizes Nokia OZO Audio

One of the selling points of Nokia 8 (and Nokia 7) is OZO Audio, that offers amazing voice recording capabilities. It would be great if HMD could make a proprietary voice recording app that can make use of the OZO Audio tech. The app doesn't need to come preinstalled, but can simply be put on GPlay, and who want can download it.

I agree! That was one of the main things that made me want to buy the phone. I thought it may have been possible to tweak the audio in videos that are recorded to remove wind noise etc (given the phone has 3 mics).. I shouldn't think it would be that difficult to develop and would make a lot of people happy.

Community Hero

 I agree too, HMD should make the most of this high spec recording equipment in the phones and make an exclusive app. Maybe make the API public so others can write Nokia exclusive apps.

Well in my opinion there should be system wide implementation for OZO Audio, so no matter what app you use the phone always records with OZO Audio. And not just in specific Nokia/HMD apps.

Community Hero

I completely agree, I don't know why they haven't done this, it's very strange. Some Android One requirement again?

I hope not! Just because this implementation is somehow hardware required(if you ask me), to utilize the full potential of the microphone array. And anyway my Nokia 8 is not Android One phone, so there is no excuse :P hehe...

Community Hero

Good point! I just found that out last night, that Nokia 8 is not part of Android One - this means I've been spreading some misinformation which I need to clean up...

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