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Battery Performance

Everything is fine with my New Nokia8. I bought it on the Very first day of launch(Offline, At BigC Mobiles). I think my phone's battery is draining a little bit quicker. But i heard that Nokia8 is performing extremely well in terms of Battery(Nokia Mobile's Official Twitter Account). Some of the reviewers posted the pictures of their Battery Performance Graph. I've used some battery beast phones like Lenovo and Mi and I'm new to these flagships. Can someone tell me that i feel like this because I switched from more battery powered phones or My Phone has a problem. I'm getting 6Hours of backup (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Some Internet Browsing, Gaming a bit). Is it fine? Or my device's battery is draining quickly?

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I feel your battery drains quick.... Do onething when the task completed clear the background always and monitor
I'm already doint that. But it didn't get any better. Can this be solved with the next update? Or should i contact the service centre?

Do you have WiFi calling turned on? If you do that will drain the battery very badly, my Nokia 8 has been really good battery wise I'm getting two or sometimes three days battery life.

I don't know about wifi calling... Is it available in India. Where can i find it in the settings?
There isn't any seperate settings to enable or disable wifi calling/VoLTE in Nokia 8. So i couldn't do it to make my battery performance better. Tell me one thing that Future software updates can rectify it or not?

The WiFi calling option is under NFC in Wireless and Network setting on my phone, if it isn't that then I'm not sure, as mine has been really good all round. 

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