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Root, Firmware and Recovery Tools

Nokia has already done the impossible, back from dead.

Now, I'm waiting for you to meet our expectations like no other company.

On behalf of all the developers and super users, I'm requesting:

1. Firmware and recovery files

2. Flashing tools

3. Linux drivers (maybe windows too)

4. Neat way to root

5. Open source the code (unlike any other company)

Please know that the users are the ones who own the device, and they are the only ones using it.. If they want to use their devices to the fullest, manufacturer should help them and not restrict. It's 2017 already.

Requesting Nokia to break the stereotype, please.

Best regards.

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Definitely agree on the first one. There should at the very least be a recovey tool.

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I'd like to have an unlocked bootloader, root and twrp.

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 I couldnt agree more, we need root.
we need to be able to control our devices completely!

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A recovery tool is a definitely must i agree with you on this one

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1 and 2 are what Sony already provide for some phones, I agree Nokia need to at least match Sony. Your list doesn't include unlocked bootloader, which to me is more useful than root.

What do you mean by Linux and Windows drivers? You mean the drivers that are on the phone that Android uses to make the phone work or drivers you put on your computer to communicate with the phone?

Open source the code - well they are obliged to open source the code for the kernel and some other parts (the AOSP) just like any other user of Android, so they should do at least that. The rest of Android is Google's so Nokia can't do anything about open-sourcing this. For Nokia specific apps and customisations this is different, they could open source it, but I doubt they will since it doesn't fit with their business model.

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Recovery software like Phoenix...Nokia suite... firmware...default ROMs for downloading (in case of a dead phone) unlocked bootloader...those are essential as recovery tools many Nokia users from the past remember and those tools helped a lot back in those years when Nokia phones were at the top of the game.

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"Treble requires 2 conditions to be met:

1) Adapt to the new Vendor Interface implementation
2) Standalone Vendor partition to contain Vendor Implementation
Nokia 8 does not have separate Vendor partition in ROM space and the partitioning cannot be done OTA."

With Nokia suite (or Recovery software) it is possible to flash ROM with required partitioning to support Project Treble, as well as recovery from  dead.

Please, give us this possibility.

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I absolutely agree

Been over year now, but you cannot provide software for the hardware the CUSTOMER OWNS! 

#Monopoly #Dictatorship

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