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Calibration of accelerometer

Is there any way of calibrating the inbuilt accelerometer? I have the artificial horizon displayed when taking photographs but unfortunately the phone needs to be reading 4 degrees before the grid lines align with the horizon (which in my case was the distant sea). At this moment the centre line in the target appears indicating that the phone feels it is horizontal, when clearly it isn't). I've tried calibration apps where you place the phone on a flat surface but this makes no difference. I'm just wondering if I have a phone with faulty hardware and need to send it back.

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The Open Camera App allows the horizontal to be calibrated so it is possible. However, this doesn't affect other apps.

Nokia/HMD, is there anyway of calibrating the system setting so all apps work correctly and aren't consistently out by a few degrees?

Is there anyway of fixing this please? If I don't hear back within the next day my phone is going back to John Lewis for an exchange. Faulty hardware doesn't bode well for future sales.

Could someone with a Nokia 8 please look to see if the artificial horizon shows the phone is level when the phone is balanced on a flat surface? It can be turned on in camera settings. So far on my sample of 2 one phone is fine and one is about 4 degrees off. Thanks!

Mine seems to be ever so slightly off center as well, I need to tilt the phone very slightly on the right. Would be a simple software fix rather than a hardware issue one would think.

Yes, you'd have through there would be a simple fix. The chip appears to be a Bosch BMI160 which I think should be more accurate than 4 degrees out (like mine repeatedly is). The spec talks about being able to write to non-volatile memory 14 times certain parameters, so I wonder if the calibration would have been hard coded in the factory to this non-volatile memory. Given Android doesn't appear to have a setting to do this after each factory reset it makes me think I'll have to treat it as a hardware fault and take it back. I spoke to John Lewis (UK dept store) on the phone and they said drop it back at the shop.

Oh I'm quite sure it is able to be fixed via software, it's just whether nokia will actually do it, there would definitely be spare memory writes available on that bosch chip.

My phone has gone back to John Lewis and will end up at Nokia in due course who will refund them I understand. Another one has been ordered.

I have a feeling that your replacement will likely have the same issue and that it needs to be fixed via software across all the N8’s. But keep us posted if your new one is better!

I'll update here when replacement phone arrives. A physical return to Nokia should generate some discussion there at least. There's little point having an artificial horizon if it is wrong. (Of note: the open camera app had a way of resetting the horizontal so it can be done). My worry is really how do I, as an end user, know it is a calibration issue rather than a fault. The BMI160 drives the optical image stabilisation too and if the directions are wrong how do I know it won't move the camera lens the wrong way when there is movement? (I appreciate this is likely to be a different part of the chip, but if the chip is faulty then all bets are off as regards other functions of that chip). If the new phone is the same I'll see if Bosch Sensortec has a twitter account and post some questions.

Replacement phone has come and I'm pleased to say horizontal appears horizontal. So out of three Nokia 8 phones that I have handled one of them had the fault. Solution is to get a replacement from the retailer.
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