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my nokia6 is switched off. I dont know the reason.

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Am also Facing Same Problem Can I get Solution


Me too have the same issue. My phone went off suddenly. Now it doesn't charge or charge too slow. Does not power on with power key. Acting really weird. 

What is happening with Nokia???


Hi, we're very sorry to hear you're experiencing this. If you haven't already, I would urge you to contact support as soon as possible, so they can look into things more closely.

Hope your issue gets resolved very soon and you get to enjoy your phone without any hiccups! 

Have a lovely day,

Anna (Moderator) 

This also happened to me one time. Nokia 6 UK TA-1033.

Tried to plug in charger. nothing. 
tried usb cable to computer. nothing.

Tried long press power button nothing.

help down volume and power and something happened and it turned wasn't low on battery or anything and i've had it only for a bit. Very strange.

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It's happening with my Nokia 5 phone too. I've used it untill battery went off and now. Tried to recharge it and nothing. 

It doesn't turn on anymore and the battery doesn't charge. 

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