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Fast Charge

I own a Nokia 8, bought a few days ago, I want to fast charge my Nokia 8, is it possible, if yes, how?

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Just use the same charger that you got when you bought the phone. It is a Quick Charge 3.0.

Hi, I am using the same charger provided with the phone ... But it takes almost 2 hrs to charge ... It took about 30 min to charge from 0 to 25% ...

Yes, that's how i works!

Read this article about Quick Charge 3.0

A quick copy & paste: "As a battery charges up, it slowly draws less and less current, which is partly why it takes longer to charge the last 20 percent than the first".

Enjoy your new Nokia 8!

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Quick charge works only when the power less than 50 percent.
I hope to charge faster.
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