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Nokia 6 Update TA-1021 Indian Version Update issue ?

I am a big fan of Nokia 6 phone I recently tired to do a manual update via the recovery console for October security patch 665 Mb that resulted in software corruption of Android OS. Now the service center in my city reupdated the phone but now the issue is Nokia 6 is showing as 7.1.1 April 2017 Update. I would like to ask when is the October updates going to be released ? A big Nokia 6

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One pic of status also please? About phone then status

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bro my friends also done that as you marked, nobody will help you, Nokia Care or Chat support etc. If your have ta-1021 indian nokia 6 so you can update your phone with manual update, just download the OTA update (June July, august, September, October zip files into your sd card, and install. start update with first June then July one by one till October via recovery mode, its very easy 

Download OTA form below link.

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Hi Deepak, I updated the phone using the above mentioned steps just you have to be careful the phone has to be connected to the charger when you are doing the update . The Nokia 6 TA 1021 Indian version don't get update I guess from the official webserver . Any how the phone is updated. Perfectly working thanks for the help. With Regards, Nokia User

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Hi Nokia User, can you please send me screenshot of your "About phone -> Status" ... Please on my number 8077340416. About phone and status both

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One pic of status also please? About phone then status
Do you need to unlock bootloader or not for this? And when you check warranty status in Nokia Support app what is show "active" or not?
The service shows active under warranty . There is no need to unblock the bootloader. Follow these steps 1. Download the updates from this website 2. Make a folder named Nokia on the external Memory Card 3. Copy or move all the updates to phone storage to External Memory Card . 4. Shutdown the phone 5. Plug the charger to the phone 6. Press the power button and Volume up button to go Nokia 6 Recovery Console 7. Select the option install from the flash drive using the volume up and down key and press power button to enter 8. Keep the phone in the charging to the electrical outlet 9. Select the Nokia folder 10. Select the respective update and press power button to select 11. Phone will be updating . 12. Updation can take 10 to 15 min. Don't do any thing Leave it as it Once updated you are done Cheers, Nokia User

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Nokia 6 ta 1021( indian version), update received today evening

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Thanks Nokia User

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Hi brother, I have downloaded the update today and found no issues. Please close the all opened apps before starting to download the updates and make sure battery chrged atleast 70%. Then just connect the phone to internet using WiFi or 3G/4G network. Once downloaded it will ask you to "restart and install the update" just do it. Wait for update to install completely it takes around 15-20 minutes depending on the device. When the device appears to unlock screen just unlock and check in settings for update. Enjoy! October 1, 2017 security patch. Screenshot :
Bro i have same problem! Dod you find any solution?


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Follow the steps which I have mentioned also check out how to go into the recovery console for Android Nokia 6 on you tube 1. June update install first 2 July update second 3 August update third 4. September update fourth 5. October update fifth
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