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I lossing my patience

Every one definitely loves nokia phone's but they suddenly closed their services because the world is looking for Android where nokia did not hear people's voice and Go for windows results nokia stopped their phone's...... After taking long time it come again hence as a nokia lover i buyed his first FLAGSHIP PHONE instead of IPHONE, SONY and SAMSUNG because i need to encourage my Nokia...but it was nearly around 8 days of using getting irritating 1. The main attraction of the phone is CAMERA in real it's OK but not upto mark...old lumina phones are good for camera quality and the app is great... Whereas the present app irritating quality is above average 2. Lot of Bugs especially finger print is slow to recognise even combination of snap dragon 835 and 4gb ram it's surprising mee why? 3.UI is very bad need to provide many features atleast voice recorder( i know 3rd parties apps available in play store) and FM Hope android Oreo brings fresh look otherwise definitely nokia faces problem again.... when to other brands their are very back in the competition... Hope nokia never disappoint their first flagship phone customers instead of giving best in 2nd flagship Nokia phone

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