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Please improve Nokia 8 camera app

I really like Nokia 8 but the camera app. The big issue of  the camera app is auto-focusing. When I take a photo and touch the screen to focus a object. When I am waiting the right moment, the camera app will re-focus on center of screen. It dose not make sense. About recording a video. Please see the follow video https://youtu.be/3cJw8q1gx1s?t=5m10s .  You can easily notice auto-focusing problem while taking videos is jumping around too much. And OZO recording, there is no recording app for recording sound, only can apply in recording a video. What a pity . Please tell me you guys already try to solve this kind of problem. And I will wait the new firmware coming. And sorry for my pool English.

Another feature missing is the possibility to pause a video recording. Please add this as well.

I don't why nokia not opening mouth.... The camera app is worst.... flagship phone makes me sad

I agree with the original post. While the quality of the images that are created surpasses most other cameras, the camera app itself is surprisingly poorly designed, especially coming from Nokia with the cooperation of Zeiss Optics. Here are some things that I have found to be troublesome with the Camera app:

- focusing is slow and tends to move around despite manually moved by the user (i.e. me)

- I'm still confused as to what the black spot on the camera module is - is it a laser or IR module?

- the option to switch from main to front camera is too fiddly; Google's implementation on its own Camera app where it puts it close to where the thumb usually is, is better in my opinion.

- taking a picture is unacceptably slow in the current smartphone imaging field; I find that it's OK to take images of landscape views but I fear when having to take pics with people or moving objects as it tends to be slow and produce blurred images.

- Switching between colour/mono cameras is also cumbersome and takes a split second longer.

Despite having upgraded to Android Oreo, the camera app isn't faring any better. Despite using SD835 which is a very capable top-end processor, the camera app is unacceptably slow. I hope there are camera app improvements on the way to improve this stellar smartphone by Nokia.

good camera hardware very pool camera app nokia please tell me... why you not deploy new camera app with oreo?
In Twitter @juho sarvikas said their will develop camera app...I think after release stable Oreo to other models their start working on camera develop or next security update their will surprise us

Just adding to the list. I am having major issues with the camera app. I like using the double press of the power button to launch the camera, but this is taking up to 10 seconds to get the camera to load. I am suffering with lots of freeze frame / lag when I move the camera around. Even changing from front to rear camera there is a delay of a few seconds. Please please put an update out!

Carl Zessis lens , i thought Nokia will have a good camera, it is disappointing especially with HDR mode , focus and most often result in unstable shot. 

 It is shocking how much better photos taken on this phone with the Google Camera app are. It really shows how bad the Nokia Camera app is. Even on Oreo, they apparently didn't improve the Nokia Camera app. Please update it.  Taking photos with Google Camera app really shows how much more the camera hardware is capable of.

same problem with my Nokia 5 android oreo, the camera re focus in center area.

and second problem is touch sensitive in camera app too, is not well especially when I do double tap to enlarge photo.

I came from lumia phone(lumia 640xl), I like the lumia camera app so so much!

come on Nokia don't let us down!.

And there isn't any panorama/photosphere/360 capability. :(

In Nokia 8, Received March update without camera update.

There is no other option other than waiting for camera update for Nokia 8.

HMD/Nokia only can wish to provide it or work for new phones and leave away camera update for Nokia 8 2017 model.

Is it possible to download a better camera app from the store?

Yes, there are plenty of camera apps on Google Play. Unfortunately finding one with good panorama capabilities or supporting the dual camera setup of the Nokia 8 is extremely hard. If somebody finds it, please let us know!

I thought someone (the CEO?) mentioned a few months ago that every Nokia phone would get the better pro camera app. Maybe I misheard that ...

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