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Please improve the camera app

I really like Nokia 8 but the camera app. The big issue of the camera app is auto-focusing. When I take a photo and touch the screen to focus a object. When I am waiting the right moment, the camera app will re-focus on center of screen. It dose not make sense. About recording a video. Please see the follow video  . You can easily notice auto-focusing problem while taking videos is jumping around too much. And OZO recording, there is no recording app for recording audio, only can apply in recording a video. What a pity . Please tell me you guys already try to solve this kind of problem. And I will wait the new firmware coming. And sorry for my pool English.

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If you're into you're photography like me install the best Android camera app Camera FV-5 Makes a massive difference on this phone.

 Unfortunately Camera FV-5 crashes everytime I try to make picture.

For anyone wondering the CEO of HMD has confirmed that they are working on a new Camera App for the Nokia 8 and the other Nokia phones (currently available for the Nokia 5 with the Oreo Beta) and they have heard the feedback.

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I agree here with most of the comments about doesn't have iso settings and also not sure how to o adjust things in night mode. Flash doesn't actually capture the night mode.

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We immediately need camera firmware update

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This is, by far, the worst smart phone camera ever. The focus is slow, and when trying to focus on a specific area on screen, then it reverts back to center when releasing the shutter. My only regret with this phone is this poor excuse of a camera. I hope a firmware release can fix it. So disappointed in a flagship phone!

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I don't like to use this with Nokia brand because Nokia is good for camera but this flagship Nokia 8 cam next filing...I missed lot of best shots... At the time I BUYED this mobile till today many times I asked them but seems no use.... Always hoping update update update
The phone gets very hot when taking pictures with the zoom. Then it has a big problem with the sharpness, the white balance, the camera application freezes. Does anyone else have this problem?
Likely Nokia is going to use Lumia UI , will hope to see some improvements.
I think Lumia UI is Microsoft patented

There was a 300mb+ patch recently which makes the camera much more responsive.

As for the Lumia UI; HMD bought a lot of patents from MS last year including the Lumia UI patents.

Have a look at the DXO test of Nokia 8 camera. I think neither a firmware or software update can improve much. The cam is simply to bad compared to ALL other premium models of other manufacturers
"Nokia 8 gets a poor DxOMark score" Nokia , time for action , expecting some update/patch to improve camera better.
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