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Please improve the camera app

I really like Nokia 8 but the camera app. The big issue of the camera app is auto-focusing. When I take a photo and touch the screen to focus a object. When I am waiting the right moment, the camera app will re-focus on center of screen. It dose not make sense. About recording a video. Please see the follow video  . You can easily notice auto-focusing problem while taking videos is jumping around too much. And OZO recording, there is no recording app for recording audio, only can apply in recording a video. What a pity . Please tell me you guys already try to solve this kind of problem. And I will wait the new firmware coming. And sorry for my pool English.

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@user5377. I have used galaxy s6 for 2.5 years .I bought Nokia 8 because the s6 display became very dull after 1.5 years. And battery was not giving me even 10 hrs. Camera was good initially but later on became worse. Photos always looked good on the phone display but when I transfer to the PC they don't show the same quality. Especially lowlight pics were very bright on the phone display but were very grainy when seen on a PC. With Nokia 8, this issue is no longer there. The low light pictures are not bright as in Samsung but noise is very low. Looks similar to what we see with our eyes. Only thing we have to get the focus right.

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User5383- you saying after 1 year not happy with Samsung... well any smartphone give warranty 1year only... after 1 year the hardware working and the company support especially bug fixes is other story....but here we crossed nearly more then 6 months with Nokia 8....well not happy with Nokia camera as well as watching them on Nokia 8 screen or pc.... mostly out of focus loss the quality .....images are not sharp especially even how nicely hold the camera too...
@user7340- If you want better quality photos with your N8 pls use pixel mod. Or else wait for camera update. I don't think the software section of HMD is competent enough to rival Google or Samsung software. They are just a start-up and will take some time for them to catch up. I even heard somewhere that Nokia will be acquiring HMD soon. So let's hope for the best. Even I agree that N8 is not perfect in terms of camera performance. But I don't find any other smartphone out there which make me make a swich. I will probably wait for Nokia 10 or Google pixel3. Not those Chinese crap or Samsung or iPhone.
@5383- where can I find pixel mod. In play store or...?


are you using the stock camera app of nokia 8?

I use stock camera app for bokeh and situations where HDR is not required. Mostly I use Google camera mod for point and shoot. I tried the camera port from Nokia 7 .it's fast and crisp but freezes sometimes. So I uninstalled it

As what i said, google camera application is not nokia. I am also using GCMOD 5.1 and the result is excellent even you take zoom. Hope NOKIA will update the cam app


Camera was good initially but later on became worse. Photos always looked good on the phone display but when I transfer to the PC they don't show the same quality "

This. Exactly. Every reviewer have a good time masturbating on Galaxy's camera, meanwhile people who just know what a good picture is will instantly see on a computer that it's not that beautiful.

I was very disapointed with the GS7 on this side, and the same happened with the GS8. Their screen are so good that photos look spectacular, but on a TV or PC, it's not the same story.
I don't have this problem with the N8 and GC. It's good on the phone, it's good on the PC.

Waiting for their Pro camera


Have you tried GC on samsung s6?

@user 5377- I had tried but couldn't install on GS6. Anyways I didn't want to keep it because the battery and screen became worse. With Gcam on N8 front cam portraits are really good. Guys who haven't tried it can try.


That's what i mean. We tried another software of nokia 8 because the stock camera app is not good, right? Google camera have a great photo result in nokia 8.

Note: google is google, nokia is nokia..

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