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After 7.1.1 update things get worse

nokia 3 hangs so badly with blackscreen 

phone is on the edge .who would buy aphone hanging like that and blackscreen expected any time to surprise you.

2 updates came after 7.1.1 update and the problem persists. no one in  nokia developers team know the problem or they are in astate of denial.

support team just tell you contact google. they sold you miserable phone they don't know it's problem or trying fixing it.


did Anyone find asolution for it.

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This is a huge disappointment they sold a phone that had a broken system. I know this is a cheap device but Nokia must be more dedicated in fixing this SERIOUS problem. I tried buying this nokia 3 to try their new lineup but  it's like they are telling not to buy their device again

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i do understand your concern but the only thing we can doo is wait for the next update .....because i m sending this message with my nokia 3 which is currently upto date and have 0 problems till now........
I guess your luck is quite good because a lot of people experience different problems with this device.

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even though i have a perfect phone still i feel disappointed in android as they r providing broken system .......due to that very reason the repetition of Nokia is getting affected drastically... well best of luck brother .hope u enjoy a fine nokia phone soon
Truly a miserable phone...I think I have wastd my amount in purchasing a tremendously bad product..Nokia has spoiled it's reputation already by being so ignorant at customer grieviences main problem is black screen..the phone automatically looks dead but actually isn't..the screen goes black and does regain to normal for a long..every day it takes more than 2 hrs for the phone to come in normal state..note my words it happens daily...disgusting product...

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Same problem after 7.1.1 update. Unpredictable phone can freeze with black screen any time. Nokia please do something.

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Same issues after 7.1.1 update. freeze alot. Nokia should do something.

Same problem after 7.1.1 update. Unpredictable phone can freeze with black screen any time. 

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