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Using lock screen shortcuts causes unresponsive launcher when unlocked


I am overall happy with my Nokia 5 and did not have any significant issues with it.
Except that, for example, I launch camera app using bottom right lock screen shortcut, and after that I have the phone unlocked, the launcher acts strangely - long press on the screen does not bring options like settings, changing wallpapers, etc. The same is valid for the phone app on home screen - long press does not bring frequent/favorite contacts up, but rather opens the phone app itself.
This is very annoying as I have to delete cache and app data and storage tin order to have those working again, respectively to set my personal launcher preferences on home screen, app drawer again...

Had anyone experienced this and found possible solution? 

Bonus issue: stock Files app disappeared, could not be launched and does not work from day one.

android 7.1.2

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