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Picture-in-picture not working

Hello, PiP feature is not working, when you have video on YouTube in full screen and press on home button have to make video in small window and to navigate on phone or another application. Is not happen, looks like this feature is not associated to home button.

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Hello. Have you checked pip settings? Just go to settings and type pip to see if app-wise pip permissions are granted. I have just read an article saying youtube requires YouTube Red subscription for pip option. I was able to use pip in vlc player, which works well. You should go fullscreen then select pip icon in playback menu, then you can hit home button to continue with other apps. Hope this helps.

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Hello, Yes is activated for YouTube, Chrome, Whatsup, etc. For all application from list available on PiP menu. I don't see any PiP icon, also home is not put PiP. model of phone is TA-1004, maybe is not working yet on this model.

I was able to get PiP with Maps Navigation which was neat!

PIP works for Google maps

PIP is not working for Youtube and chrome .

Hello, Can you please explain me step by step how you use PiP with Map? Any combination I tried is not working on my TA-1004. Thank you

Step 1 :

 Type PIP  ( Picture in Picture )

Step 2:

Make sure apps are enabled

Step 3:

start google maps

step 4:

click on Home screen.

Google map should come in pop up window .

Hope this helps

Dr.Harish T

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You should start navigation then hit home button for pip, otherwise you see only homescreen.

Here is how to use pip with google chrome browser; click on a video link in chrome (other than a youtube video, interestingly youtube videos does not open in pip pop up window). swith video to fullscreen mode, then click home button. vois la! you just have chrome video in pip.

(i tested with turkish video site, just worked fine)

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On Google Map after start the navigation to address work PiP if I hit switch button (button from right) not home button (button from middle).
PIP does not work on Nokia. 8.

PIP works on Nokia 8, but for Youtube you need a Youtube Red subscription.

Try Google maps, VLC - PIP works.

pip not working in my nokia 5 how to use pip in nokia 5
You can get it to work wirh Chrome if you go to for example theb play a video in fullscreen, swipe down from the top of the screen. You will then see the controls for the video like when you play music. Click anywhere on that bar except the actual control buttons. It's not perfect, obviously something wrong somewhere.
My Nokia 3 phone not supported pip mode. Why?
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