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hidden file manager

On my phone there is an app called FILES in settings/ apps/ all apps, but some how the app doesn t show in the apps drawer, so i can t access it. Any solutions? I would rather use a native file manager than a third party app.

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 It will only serve as a file picker when you wish to upload files. It is not a standalone file management app. Kindly switch to a 3rd party alternative. Solid Explorer is a pretty solid choice if you are okay with paying some money.

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BTW there is a built in file manager - go to Settings->Storage-><internal or card>->Explore.

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Tech Wizard

The application FILES in settings/ apps is not directly accessible.

The Closest you can get to using 
a native file manager is the 'Downloads' in apps drawer, as you can put a shortcut on your home screen. But it is useful mostly for browsing 'SD card' Files and Google Drive/ OneDrive Folders.

As mentioned by RikHS,
You can access the files on the 'Internal Memory' using built in file manager in Settings->Storage-><internal or card>->Explore. However, You cant use this as a shortcut on the Homescreen.

Third Party solution -
I agree with the above recommendation of 'Solid Explorer". A light file browser application which is also able to connect with cloud storage and create a FTP server (to transfer files from phone to pc on same network).
It can do more than the native application. You can decide for yourself once you use the trial version.

ES File explorer is another option. But it is very bloated in my opinion.

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