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Oreo Beta support for WiFi Aware

Hi, Does the Nokia 8 support WiFi Aware API present in Android Oreo? Rolando

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It is not working in Oreo Beta.

if anyone got it please let me know.

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Tried to reach Nokia support without success. Since it is a beta, they say that they do not have the information... I wonder who has then?

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WiFi aware is not supported by Nokia 8 chipset.


It might be a bug on how this feature is detected and turned off, but the option does appear if you search for the word "Home" in settings, clicking it does go to the Wi-Fi settings screen, but of course, it's still hidden :)

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I was trying to find a simple way to test it, I only found this:

Can you install the apk to see if it is actually supported?



Can you expand a bit more?

Are you saying that the snapdragon 835 SOC does not support it?

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Yes, as i commented the Nokia 8 chipset (Snapdragon 835) doesn´t support WiFi Aware feature.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Have a nice day


Doesn't the Pixel 2 with it's 835 support this feature? I think it might just be a Pixel exclusive for now.

Good question.

Tried to find out in the past without success:

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