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Feature request: BLN

Given the Nokia 8 has no notification LEDs but does have capacitive button backlights there is a possible notification solution. Custom ROMs have long made notifications via blinking the capacitive button backlights (aka BLN) available. For me this would be a welcome addition to an otherwise accomplished phone. PS not necessarily wanting to run custom ROMs on this phone especially if Nokia continue to make good on their promise of fast updates. So addition of BLN as a stock feature is the aim here.

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We've gained some support here Nokia. For me this is the most annoying omission on the phone. Please consider this or unlock the bootloader... Or better still...both....

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 I agree


i miss the this idea would be great

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Are you going to implement this or what?

HMD aren't exactly "active" here. They don't answer and they probably don't even read all this. Do you think they'll answer just because you get snippy?
+1 from me This is a very nice idea.


Yes! This is absolutely necessary. I don't understand why even the old Nokia N8 had it and the new Nokia 8 doens't! This is a massive step back! Glance is a disaster to start with because it doesn't show Facebook or Whatsapp notifications. And even if it did, you'd have to touch or move the phone to see them, which means you'd have to keep checking. Having the capacitive buttons blink every now and again like a led would complement glance (or even completely replace it - if you see it blinking unlock the phone and see the notification). Come on guys, make it happen and put is as an option! Surely it's not hard, give that this is an existing feature on older devices.

The story is Nokia has no interest an our ideas or wishes! Simply way is unlock bootloader, give sources and we can build our own kernel with BLN!
Any 3rd-party ROM supporting BLN?
There is no custom ROM right kernel available for Nokia8, so no bln

 It would be great feature. C'mon HMD!

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