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How's your Orea on Nokia 8?

It's it the finger print reader fast then Nouget version?

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Finger print and camera performance increase in Oreo??

I found that with Oreo, everything runs very fast: apps, games, camera, also the fingerprint scanner is much better than before, when with Nougat.

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Tuan Duong Are you sure bro, finger print spread increases really still vibration when placed finger on home?.... Any improvement in the camera bro

By default, hybrid app badge are light blue on Oreo instead of red color under Nougat 7.1.1. (Calling app, Android Messages...). Can we change these styling?

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 The sound of speaker is weaker than Nougat 7.1.1 and the auto-focusoing issue is the same. There is no improvement on camera app.

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Mixed reaction from me. Bugs are present, as expected. Some lag in typing. But can cope with that.
No major bugs for me apart from the low volume of the ring/notification tones. I performed a clean install and have noticed partial freezes in several apps....perhaps just needs the code cleaning up a little. Great to see the battery percentage implementation return on pure android and the Nokia camera app really needs some serious work. What is the app SecureBootUnlocker?? ;} Can't wait for the release candidate as the feedback symbol in my notification bar is playing havoc with my OCD.

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Oh and please, please give us an option to turn off haptic feedback on the fingerprint scanner.

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My Nokia 8 lock screen does not update the new message count nor the missed calls with this new OREO. Only the clock and battery level updates. Not a big thing but seems to be a bug.
Skype seems not to send any messages. Receive yes but does not send.

Not having any issues with Skype, so that's most likely not a Nokia related issue. The "new" Skype version is horrid though.

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Hi, I have noticed one more bug with respect to Live Borekh mode in Camera. Once the picture is taken in this mode, I am unable to change the depth latwr. This was possible before Orea Beta update. Can you please confirm if this is the same in your case.??

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- Camera app lagging, honestly.

- I point location to save image and video in SD Card, sometimes it will not save. Sometimes it saved video BUT I can' play it back.

- Can't adjust blurry effect after took picture.
- Finger print damn slow like usual PLUS vibrate (do you need vibrate? what for?).

- When I put my Nokia 8 in pocket, it keep vibrate because finger print sensor touch the fabric (what??!).

- Framerate drop

- Lots of app keep crush, lot of time.

- When typing, it's lag and lag.

- App respond slow when you open it, even you close it.

- battery life increase, that's good one. I love it.

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 I am sorry, but I don't have any of your listed points on my 1004.

I have no lag anywhere, also not on the camera, and never ever had any slow issues with the fingerprint reader. Never had a single App crashed on my N8.

The only point I confirm is that if you put your N8 into your pocket, especially breast pocket and you start swetting a little bit, the fingerprint sensor gets activated. That's not good. I think, on my Nexus 6P I have an option to automatically detect if you put your phone in a pocket. Then, it doesn't come on at all.

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